Pierson Orthodontics’ July JAMboree

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On the second Tuesday of every month, Pierson & Saunders Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas, makes it their mission to have staff training to make sure we become the best office we can for our patients. Usually this training involves problem solving and working on techniques, but this Tuesday in July it was a little different. This Tuesday was reserved for our First Annual JAMboree, where we made our “Something to Smile About Jam.”

If you have attended a new patient consultation with our office in the past year, you would have been introduced to the “Something to Smile About Jam,” that Pamela, our office manager, has made herself. Instead of letting her do all the work, we decided to have a team building adventure and make it together.

The day could have easily been mistaken for a Saturday pool party. Pamela invited us to her beautiful home and Dr. Bradley Pierson insisted it should be a family event. We brought our kids fully dressed in their swimsuits for a fun-filled day in the pool. Once we ate all the appetizers in sight, because we Pierson girls love our food, we got down to business. We had stations and each one of us tried them all. Rinsing, stirring, pouring, canning, and boiling—any cooking and baking adjective you could think of, we did it! For most of us it was a brand new experience and very exciting to see it all come together. Of course, we had our hiccups: Dr. Bradley Pierson had blackberry squirt in his eye, Monique’s son poured some of the sugar on the stove, we had to fish out some of the Raspberry leaves from the pot (again Monique’s doing), and some of us occasionally were distracted by the pool outside. Even with those funny moments, our jam session was a success and we made approximately 32 jars of jam.

Our patients have always been the reason we have training days, attend seminars, and continue our education. This is no different. Times like these bring our office closer together—we learn to work with each other and appreciate each other outside of our everyday duties. Our orthodontist and team would like to invite not only the new patients to enjoy our “Something to Smile About Jam,” but our existing ones as well! Feel free to ask us for a jar at your next appointment. We hope the joy we experienced making jam for you as a group spills over into the experience that you have with us.

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