Merry and Bright with Pierson Orthodontics

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Christmas is a special time of year. Whether you are keeping the childhood traditions you were raised on or making new ones, these moments bring so much warmth and joy to our lives. We end the year on this high note that sets us up for a promising new year.

At Pierson Orthodontics, we work hard all year around so that we can take the last week of the year off to be with the people that matter most, our families. Of course, we couldn’t do this without our second family allowing us to, our patients. Since you allowed us to create these memories with our families we want to share them with you.

The Pierson family went to visit Jill’s parents and after a splendid visit with them they headed to Dr. Pierson’s parent’s house. During these heartfelt times, they played in the snow, went skiing and enjoyed every moment they shared with each other.

Pamela who is our social butterfly, hosted many Christmas parties for her friends where they went caroling in her neighborhood. She was able to see her two granddaughters who are her pride and joy! She loves to entertain and her collection of Santa’s is astonishing! Pamela also attended the Rose bowl on New Year’s. She had no particular team to root for but the atmosphere was a blast!

Nichole went with her fiancé, David, and daughter, Keegan to see her family in The Woodlands, TX. They had a dance party with her dad and burned those Christmas dinner calories off. David’s family came to visit on Christmas eve and Santa brought Keegan a brand-new bike and she learned how to ride it within a few days. Way to go Keegan!

Yvette went to visit her dad and sister in Austin, TX for a few days during the break and upon her return home her and her daughter, Leighann, went to the movies on more than one occasion to have some girl time. For New Year’s her little family of three went to her in-laws and popped fireworks to celebrate an exciting upcoming year.

Nadia went home to Del Rio, TX to spend time with her friends and family. She spent a lot of time with her boyfriend, Jorge, and he took her horseback riding. Such a sweet gesture from someone we expect to join our Pierson Family in the future.

Esme enjoyed a lot of time with her family and friends. She said she ate so much junk food, which she doesn’t allow herself to do normally, so it was a gift she gave herself. She also was able to attend a football game to watch her favorite team, the Cowboys, or as she calls them, The American Team.

Monique went back home to Brownfield, TX to see her and her husband’s family. This was a very special Christmas for her because she has a new nephew and niece that were celebrating their first Christmas. Another very special moment was when she surprised her mother, a New Year’s baby, by returning home for a surprise party thrown for her.

Liz did exactly what she was wanting to do, have a quiet little Christmas with her husband and family so she could relax and enjoy the time off. The couple is building a new home which should be ready in the next coming months. They are very excited to start this new journey as newlyweds.

We all had so many more moments that will rekindle a smile throughout our year. We hope that your Christmas can do the same. For the best things in life are not things, they are moments. Thank you for letting us have them and giving us “ Something to Smile About.”