Invisalign® Aligners Make Braces Invisible

Believe it or not, there are some people that would rather live with crooked teeth than get traditional metal braces. Whether it is because of the uncomfortable bother of brackets and wires on your teeth, or the self-conscious factor about the way they look, Patients have been wishing for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative for… Read more »

Dental Radiography: Taking Pictures Inside Tissue

Having the ability to see inside your teeth and gums with the use of an X-ray camera is a tremendous asset. It is hard to imagine what it was like for doctors in times past to diagnose accurately without being able to look at the patient internally. It is a good thing that we live… Read more »


  HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MOVE? NO WORRIES! WE HAVE ANSWERS! See below for FAQs and please feel free to ask more! Where are you moving? We are moving not far from our current location. Actually, just across Hausman Road. Do you know where Starbucks and those businesses are? Have you seen the new medical… Read more »

Invisalign® To-Don’t Do List

Invisalign® aligners are a wonderful modern advancement in dental technology that has made the process of straightening teeth less complicated and less socially awkward. Because aligners are so much easier and self-contained than before, some people forget that there are things that you cannot do with them. Below is a quick To-don’t list: 1.) You… Read more »

To-Do Tips to Clean Your Invisalign® Aligners

It’s exciting to get new Invisalign® aligners and to anticipate the end result of a bright, uniform smile. While Invisalign aligners are self-contained, removable, and fairly easily maintained, it’s important that you clean them along with your daily teeth brushing routine. This will keep them odor-free and invisible to the naked eye. There are no… Read more »

What’s on the Menu When You Have Braces?

A lot can be said about the foods you cannot eat with braces, but do you wonder what you can eat? Actually, there are plenty of things you can prepare. We can only give you a brief overview, but hopefully you will see that your meals will not be quite as restricted as you may… Read more »

Will I Need a Retainer?

You and your braces have been together for a long time. You may not feel like your braces are old friends, but still you have logged some miles together. But one day, it will be time for your braces to come off, and you can finally reveal your new smile to the world. Well, almost…. Read more »


The familiar tune rings through our hearts as we recognize why Christmastime is truly “the most wonderful time of year”.  There are the lights, the parties, the caroling, the presents – all of which are pretty great, but we believe what truly makes this time of year so wonderful is the opportunity it gives us… Read more »

Pierson Orthodontics Fall Festival 2017

It’s our favorite time of year here at Pierson Orthodontics! Not only is it National Orthodontic Health Month, but it’s a time we get together with our patients and their families and friends at our annual Fall Festival. We had such a great time with everyone this year and are so grateful to all who… Read more »

A Simple Ceramic Coating Can Make Braces Less Noticeable

As your child has grown older, their 20 primary teeth have gradually been shed to be replaced by the 32 teeth that will need to serve them for the rest of their lives. Sometimes their teeth can emerge too close together or at an improper angle. This can leave them feeling self-conscious about their unappealing… Read more »