Our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Bradley Pierson and Dr. Kristin Saunders, and team use indirect bonding to apply braces to our patients’ teeth. Indirect bonding is a technique that provides maximum precision while facilitating patient comfort. During traditional braces placement, a patient must keep their mouth open with retractors for long periods of time. Keeping the mouth wide open and dry for that long of a time can be uncomfortable for the patient and make placing the brackets difficult for an orthodontist. Indirect bonding is a new technique that greatly reduces the time the patient must spend with their mouth open in the chair, and it also allows Dr. Pierson and Dr. Saunders to be much more precise when aligning the brackets on the teeth.

With indirect bonding, our orthodontists and team will take a mold of your teeth during your initial visit. Between visits, they will use the mold and special instruments to precisely align and position the brackets in the optimal locations, a process that is much easier since they have 360-degree access to the teeth and no longer have to contend with a moving patient. Once the braces are carefully aligned, special trays that can easily be placed on the teeth are created. Using the indirect bonding technique, braces can be placed all at once, quickly and effectively.

If you want a comfortable and easy method to have your braces applied, be sure to call our team at Pierson & Saunders Orthodontics and ask about indirect bonding in San Antonio, Texas.