Summer Road Trip Essentials

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You can hear the kids laughing, the occasional sweet music of the ice cream truck, fireworks randomly going off at all times of the day (Oh, that might be just for us outside the city limits). These noises represent summer, and with summer comes, road trips! We have put together a list of essentials that we think are must haves for any road trip.

Of course items like pajamas, clothes, your toothbrush and floss, since we know you all floss your teeth twice a day, are items that don’t need to be stated. We racked our brains to come up with things to help take your next road trip to the next level!
1. YOUR PIERSON SHIRT! – This is number 1 because if you do not know, we have our selfie contest in full force. Take a unique picture during your trip with your Pierson shirt on and send it to for a chance to win a basket full of summer fun!

2. Blankets and pillows- It is just the worst to realize you forgot one of these when it’s nap time! Hello, crick in the neck!
3. Plastic bags to use as a trash can- This will help keep mom sane!
4. Toilet paper and napkins- you never know when the fast food stop or gas station might not have what you need.
5. Plenty of snacks- ones that don’t leave a lot of crumbs, because again, we want to keep mom sane!
6. Window Clings- To keep the sun out of your face.
7. Car Sick Bag- In case someone reads a book to long or has motion sickness. This would include motion sickness medicine, Clorox wipes, Crackers or a Protein Bar, and a drink with electrolytes, to bring the sick one back to feeling like themselves.
8. Movies, DVD Players, Road Trip Games and interesting magazines/books- to keep everyone from being bored.
9. Rain Ponchos- No explanation needed.
10. A great attitude and a thankful heart- these are moments you will never forget!
We hope our list may have helped for your next summer road trip. Have fun, be safe and safe travels.

P.S. If you are wearing elastics, DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE THOSE! If you need a backup bag, contact our office at 210-695-1116 and we will be happy to provide one for you!