What’s on the Menu When You Have Braces?

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A lot can be said about the foods you cannot eat with braces, but do you wonder what you can eat? Actually, there are plenty of things you can prepare. We can only give you a brief overview, but hopefully you will see that your meals will not be quite as restricted as you may think.

One particular quality you want in your foods is softness. Soft foods are much less likely to make life difficult when braces are involved.

To satisfy your need for protein, you can look for tender meat. A couple of ideas for this are meatloaf and baked chicken, which should have no breading on it because breading is not nice towards braces.

As for fruits and vegetables, your choices are not few. Some of the soft fruits you can have are bananas, oranges, peaches, mangoes, kiwis and melons. Some vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and carrots need to be steamed to soften them up, but you can still enjoy them.

If you need some carbohydrate options, things like pasta and mashed potatoes are perfectly fine. Soft breads can also do the job, so you do not tire of pasta or potatoes.

If you need more variety, you can try some soups. You will have to go with soups that contain lots of vegetables, but common favorites like chicken noodle and tomato are still in the group, if you want them.

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