Beanies for our Angels

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November is the month that we display our beautiful beanies we have purchased from Monique’s mother-in-law. We extend the opportunity for our patients to purchase one to donate to the little angels battling cancer at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. When you purchase one, the patients get a beanie with their name attached, as well as the following poem:
An angel whispered in my ear
Someone special has lost their hair.
Please make something soft to cover their head
Until all those locks grow back instead.

Like the beautiful flowers at our Father’s gate
This cap will warm you while you wait.
Accept this gift as a reminder of
God’s never-ending, unconditional love.
-Charlott Gardner

Our 50 beanies always sell out within a week and it’s astonishing how giving our patients are. We are proud to say that we have the most compassionate patients in all of San Antonio, Texas! Thank you again for making Pierson Orthodontics’ mission to give back always a victorious one!