X-ray of the mouth

For some patients, the use of X-rays makes them uneasy. They may be concerned about the radiation exposure and request to avoid it entirely. However, X-rays are an important part of orthodontic examinations as they can give our orthodontists and team an understanding of your teeth that they cannot get with just their eyes alone.

Pierson & Saunders Orthodontics is equipped with the latest X-ray technology, known as digital radiography, which uses an electronic sensor to capture and store digital images of your teeth. The process of taking digital radiographs is quicker and reduces radiation exposure. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to during digital X-rays is much less than you will be exposed to from natural sources during an average day.

Advantages of Digital Radiography:

  • Reduced processing time
  • X-rays are instantly available for viewing on a screen
  • Improves resolution of images for more precise diagnostics
  • Easier transfer of X-rays through email to another dentist, specialist or even the patient
  • Reduces clutter and maximizes storage at office
  • Better for the environment

For more information about digital X-rays and how they can benefit your orthodontic experience, we invite you to call or visit our office today and schedule an appointment with our orthodontists, Dr. Bradley Pierson or Dr. Kristin Saunders.