HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MOVE? NO WORRIES! WE HAVE ANSWERS! See below for FAQs and please feel free to ask more! Where are you moving? We are moving not far from our current location. Actually, just across Hausman Road. Do you know where Starbucks and those businesses are? Have you seen the new medical building being built next to... read more »

How Can I Minimize Tooth Misalignment in My Child?

Having a crooked smile is quite inconvenient, but fortunately, orthodontics can help you align your teeth and achieve the smile of your dreams. However, did you know there are things you can do at an early age to minimize tooth misalignment? Well, it’s true, which is why our orthodontist, Dr. Pierson, encourages you to do those things so your child... read more »

Common Questions About Invisalign®

Are you aware of the benefits of Invisalign®? Invisalign is a set of orthodontic aligners designed to improve your smile. With Invisalign, the smile of your dreams is within reach. Listed below are some common questions about Invisalign in quiz form to see if Invisalign sounds right for you! What are Invisalign aligners made of? a.) Metal b.) Wood c.)... read more »

Join Us for Some Fall Fun!

Here at Pierson Orthodontics, we want to express our humble appreciation to our wonderful patients and their families for giving us something to smile about each and every day! We love seeing you and your family in our office and getting to know you. Serving you and your smile brings us more joy than you know. Please join us for... read more »

The Need to Succeed with Ragan’s Hope

We have started to shop for school clothes and supplies, look for before- and after-school care, and get ready for early-morning grumbles from our little ones. The bed times have been set earlier, the excitement of new friends has started, along with the worry of harder school work. School is upon us! Pierson Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas, started planning... read more »

Pierson Orthodontics’ July JAMboree

On the second Tuesday of every month, Pierson Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas, makes it their mission to have staff training to make sure we become the best office we can for our patients. Usually this training involves problem solving and working on techniques, but this Tuesday in July it was a little different. This Tuesday was reserved for our... read more »

Pierson Orthodontics – Supporting Oral Cancer Awareness

Pierson Orthodontics had the opportunity to support the Oral Cancer Awareness 5K this past weekend at O.P. Schnabel Park in San Antonio, TX. It was a beautiful day for a wonderful event! Jill and Nadia won first place in their age divisions and we are very proud of them. A special shout out to Elizabeth Sikon, an oral cancer survivor,... read more »

Diet Tips for Those Who Have Braces

Orthodontic treatment is the best way to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve. However, there are things you need to do to take full advantage of the treatment, and one of those things is have a well-balanced diet. It's also important to avoid foods and habits that can harm your appliances and your teeth. To help you have the best... read more »

Invisalign® 101

Are you embarrassed by your crooked smile, but you’re not sure if you want to go through the process of having braces? Well, we are thrilled to tell you that you have another option: Invisalign®! Invisalign aligners are the alternative to metal braces. They are clear, plastic, and removable as well as virtually invisible! This option is available to teens... read more »