Who is Ragan’s HOPE?

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As many of you know Pierson Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas has been affiliated with Ragan’s HOPE, but do you really know who they are? For anyone looking to volunteer, have your kids volunteer, or for you that just want to contribute when we have our campaigns, let us give you more information.

Ragan’s Hope Mission

Ragan’s HOPE is committed to helping parents of children with serious ongoing medical conditions or injuries endure the initial impact and embrace the future, in the name of Christ.

Their Vision is to help parents and communities lift up the children with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to not only rise up and meet their challenges but to go on and live extraordinary lives.

This is a huge mission don’t you think? One where they couldn’t do it alone which is why we have teamed up with them to be the help for the San Antonio families.

The Need

For a parent of a child with a catastrophic illness or injury and ongoing medical needs, finding the way back to peace and a path forward can seem impossible. Ragan’s HOPE helps parents endure the initial impact and create a positive, nurturing environment for their child and family as they move together through the healing process.

Crisis Management and Ongoing Support

All focus turns to the wellbeing of the child. Simple daily tasks fall by the wayside. Ragan’s HOPE volunteers help by doing things that allow parents to spend time with their children without the added stress of knowing that necessary routine tasks are being left undone at home.

Educational/Resource Support

We believe that in order to not only Endure but Embrace the future – these families need to have a place they can gain education for various needs and be provided resources to assist them in fulfilling their daily necessities. With such resources and educational tools, our goal is for families to become self-sustainable over a period of time.

Financial Resources

Even families with good incomes and medical insurance may find themselves in need. Dividing time between the hospital and work may be difficult and result in unplanned daily expenses that strain finances. This is especially true for single-parent families who may lose the income of the primary wage earner in order to stay with their child. Ragan’s HOPE helps parents by paying bills or connecting with agencies for long-term assistance.

Emotional Support

No one understands the grief and heartache of the parents of children in these situations like someone else who has walked in their shoes. Ragan’s HOPE has a very special group of volunteers comprised of other parents with similar experiences who provide positive support and encouragement while helping families deal with harsh realities.

Spiritual Support

“Has God abandoned me?” “Do I still have a purpose?”
These are two of the most profound and existential questions one can ask. Even the strongest faith can be shaken in a time like this. During this life-changing experience, it is difficult to comprehend why God would let this happen to me and my child. Maintaining one’s faith can make the difference between a life that becomes a triumph or tragedy. Ragan’s HOPE provides spiritual support through faith in action and by prayer (upon request by families).

Ragan’s HOPE also has a Kids 4 Kids Club where you and your little ones can do activities together, like making cards for children in the hospital.

If any of you find that this is what you have been searching for please go to, https://raganshope.org/volunteers/volunteer-sign-up-form/ to sign up as a volunteer. If you have any questions call our office at 210-695-1116 and ask for Monique she would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Pierson Orthodontics has enjoyed being united with this company. With each task, visit and contact that we have with our families we find that we are the ones that have “Something to Smile About”

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